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  • Fabric Corner Sofa (2C2)
    Fabric Corner Sofa (2C2)

    Fabric Corner Sofa (2C2)


    Fabric Corner Sofa (2C2) for Cozy Living Spaces : Ultimate Comfort

    Elevate your living room with our Fabric Corner Sofa (2C2) – the perfect fusion of comfort and elegance! Crafted with luxurious fabric and designed for maximum relaxation, this sofa adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

    Whether lounging with loved ones or entertaining guests, our Fabric Corner Sofa (2C2) ensures your living room exudes an aura of refined elegance, making it the ultimate centerpiece of your home.

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    Navona Leather Recliner Sofa
    Navona Leather Recliner Sofa

    Navona Leather Recliner Sofa


    Introducing Navona Leather Recliner Sofa

    Unleash the perfect blend of style and functionality with Navona Leather Recliner sofa. This luxury suite will bring comfort and style to your home at a great price value and is perfect for anyone who enjoys snuggling up in front of the TV. The middle section of the sofa folds down into a cupholder which is perfect for those movie nights in.

    The Navona Leather Recliner is in bonded leather to all wearing surfaces and leather match to little used surfaces such as the back and external sides under the armrests. Experience true convenience as this premium sofa seamlessly adapts to your needs. Whether you’re looking for modern sofa with luxurious specs, navona leather recliner sofa delivers exceptional home needs.



    • 3 Seater: 200cm (W) x 98cm (D) x 98cm (H)
    • 2 Seater: 147cm (W) x 98cm (D) x 98cm (H)
    • 1 Seater: 96cm (W) x 98cm (D) x 98cm (H)
    • Corner  – 240cm x 220cm (L) x 90cm(D) x 90cm (H)

    Different combinations available

  • Velvet 3+2 Sofa Set
    Velvet 3+2 Sofa Set

    Velvet 3+2 Sofa Set


    Velvet 3+2 Sofa Set : Elevate Your Living Space with Style and Comfort

    Indulge in luxury with our Luxurious Velvet 3+2 Sofa Set, designed to elevate your living space with unparalleled style and comfort! Crafted with sumptuous velvet upholstery, this set includes a three-seater sofa and a two-seater sofa, providing ample seating for family and guests.

    Sink into the plush cushions and relax as the sturdy frame ensures long-lasting support. The elegant design exudes sophistication, making it a focal point in any room. Whether you’re hosting gatherings or unwinding after a long day, our Velvet 3+2 Sofa Set promises to transform your home into a haven of relaxation and refinement.