How To Protect Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture makes the home more beautiful. It can add a charming and natural look to your home or garden. However, it needs proper care to stay in good condition. Here I have the whole process for How To Protect Wicker Furniture. Protecting your wicker furniture involves regular cleaning, shielding it from the weather, and fixing any damage quickly. You can keep your wicker furniture looking great and lasting longer by following a few simple steps.

Steps for how to protect wicker Furniture:

Here are some steps for how to protect wicker Furniture. Through these steps, you can protect your wicker furniture. I am going to explain these steps below:

Clean the Wicker Furniture frequently:

This is one of the well-known steps for How To Protect Wicker Furniture. If you want to get the best out of your wicker furniture, make sure to clean it. It can be easy to overlook wicker furniture because it does not always look dirty. 

Many synthetic wicker materials are designed to resist UV rays, often coming in dark shades. This can lead people to think the furniture does not need regular cleaning since there are no visible stains.

  1. To clean your wicker furniture, start by wiping it with a damp cloth to remove dust regularly.
  2. For deep cleaning, vacuum or brush off dust from your wicker furniture, focusing on hard-to-reach corners. Wash with a mix of soapy water and ammonia, using a soft toothbrush for crevices. Use mild oil-based soap diluted in water to remove grime from frequent use.
  3. After washing and rinsing, dry your wicker furniture with a cloth before letting it air dry. Be careful of water dripping on the metal frame. Leave it in the sun to dry, and if possible, move it to ensure thorough drying.
  4. To protect your wicker furniture, clean up spills promptly to prevent damage. Depending on the spill food, water, or wine use a soft cloth or a damp cloth with warm soapy water or mild detergent to clean it. After rain or dew, wipe the furniture and let it air dry thoroughly.

Cover it from harsh weather:

To protect your wicker furniture, use covers to shield it from unpredictable weather. This proactive step of How To Protect Wicker Furniture can prevent costly repairs, despite wicker’s durability in tough conditions.

  1. Use covers or store your wicker furniture in a shed during bad weather. Stay updated on local forecasts to protect your furniture. Cover them while stored to maintain their condition.
  2. Cover your wicker furniture outdoors to protect it from dust and debris in windy areas. This saves cleanup time and keeps your furniture safe, even when you’re on vacation.
  3. Consider adding cushions to your wicker furniture. They not only enhance the look with various colors but also protect it from sun damage outdoors.
  4. Use outdoor paint on your wicker furniture to protect it from the sun. Apply to all parts and reapply every three years for continued protection.

Apply Wicker Furniture Oil:

  1. Lemon oil cleans and polishes wicker furniture, keeping it bright, sparkling, and pleasantly scented for years.
  2. Apply lemon oil to your wicker furniture with a damp cloth or brush two or three times a year after cleaning and drying it in the sun.
  3. Apply varnish or polyurethane every few years to preserve your wicker furniture for future generations.

Make waterproof to protect wicker furniture:

Waterproof your indoor wicker furniture for outdoor use in the dry season. It is great for extra patio seating.

  1. To protect your wicker furniture, apply two coats of marine varnish and let it dry to make it waterproof.
  2. To make your wicker furniture water-resistant, apply tung oil to prevent dampness and fiber damage, especially when used outdoors. Reapply before storing in the off-season.
  3. For guaranteed waterproofing, invest in outdoor wicker furniture to avoid DIY waterproofing.

Treat the wicker furniture right:

Taking care of your furniture is crucial, and how you use it affects its durability. Avoid placing heavy objects on wicker furniture, use side tables for fluids, and promptly fix any breaks or loose weaves.


What is the best way to seal wicker furniture?

To protect natural wicker from moisture and extend its lifespan, apply a clear lacquer sealant using a spray or paintbrush. Ensure full coverage and let the wicker dry completely. Alternatively, tung oil or shellac can also be effective sealants.

Should wicker furniture be oiled?

Oiling the wicker furniture is one of the best steps in How To Protect Wicker Furniture. Experts recommend twice-yearly applications of lemon oil to protect natural wicker furniture. Avoid using lemon oil on white-painted wicker pieces as it may cause yellowing.

How do you keep wicker from dry rotting?

To prevent wicker baskets from drying out, lightly mist them with water occasionally to add moisture. Avoid soaking them, as too much moisture can cause mold or mildew. You can also wipe the wicker with a damp cloth as an alternative.

Does wicker furniture need to be covered?

Cover natural wicker furniture to protect it from rain, as it can easily get damaged. Synthetic wicker doesn’t need covering because it has a protective coating, but it’s still a good idea in winter for snow and ice.

Can you spray wicker to make it waterproof?

Regularly spray your furniture with Tung oil or timber varnish, a waterproof spray for wicker, to create a waterproof layer. Always follow the product instructions carefully.


The above article contains information about how to protect wicker furniture. Caring wicker furniture with regular cleaning, protective treatments, and cautious use ensures it stays in great shape. Following these steps, you can maintain its durability and enhance its appearance for years, indoors or outdoors.

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