How To Protect Sofa When Moving

Moving a sofa without hiring a moving company can be tricky especially if it’s expensive or special to you. You will want it to arrive at your new home in the same condition. Do not get worried about it. I will provide a detailed guide on How To Protect Sofa When Moving. Protecting and wrapping your couch is simple with the right supplies and our easy guide. So, without delay, let us come and learn about it.

Protection Supplies And Wrapping Sofa:

When you are going to talk about the protection supplies and wrapping. Firstly, we have to discuss the supplies necessary for the process of how to protect sofa when moving. Here is the list of supplies that we are going to use in the process. 


  1. Tape measure
  2. Moving Boxes
  3. Basic tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, and a hammer)
  4. Paper padding or moving blankets
  5. Plastic stretch wrap
  6. Packing tape
  7. Zip-top plastic bags
  8. Marker for labeling
  9. Furniture dollies, a hand truck, or furniture lifting straps
  10. Tie-downs or ratchet straps

Before getting started, measure the sofa’s length, height, and depth. You will need to know these numbers soon. 

Process of How To Protect Sofa When Moving:

Now I am going to tell you the process of how to protect sofa when moving. Whenever you are moving from one place to another you should wrap your sofa for protection. Either moving the sofa in the home or another place. 

Cover with a moving blanket:

The first thing for moving the sofa is to cover the sofa with a moving blanket. Cover all sides of the couch top, front, back, and both ends. Place the blankets lengthwise along the couch, with the shorter sides over the armrests. If any part of the front is exposed, pull the blankets down to cover the bottom. If the blankets touch the floor a bit, we can tuck them in later.

Tape to hold the blanket temporarily:

Start at one end of the couch and wrap tape around it a few times. The tape’s job isn’t to keep the blankets from falling off; it’s to hold the blankets in place until you secure them with mover wrap.


You can start wrapping anywhere, but we prefer to begin at the top and work down. Start about a third of the way in on the back cushion. Wrap around the back and bring it to the front. Continue wrapping down the couch. (We’ll cover the seat in the next step.)

When you reach an end, pull the wrap tight before going around the corner to keep it snug. At the front/bottom, wrap close to the floor. If any blanket touches the floor, hold it up and secure it with the wrap underneath the couch.

Try “The Fold Over”:

Next, we’ll cover the seat with a move called “The Fold Over.” Start at the front armrest. Pull the wrap tight along the arm, then wrap across the seat cushions to the other armrest. Press it against the existing wrap. Bring the wrap back over the seat to where you started. Repeat this back-and-forth pattern until the entire seat is covered. (Don’t pull too hard until you have a few layers.)

Cover the top:

The next step is to cover the top. Once the seat cushions are covered, bring the wrap to the back of the couch and wrap it over the exposed top of the back cushions.

Wrap one time more:

Wrap around the entire sofa one or two more times. Then, bring the wrap around a corner, poke a hole to tear it away, and press the end flat against the couch.

This is the process of How To Protect Sofa When Moving. Whenever you are moving from one place to another along with the sofas. Make sure to follow the steps or if you want to hire a team for wrapping, it’s your choice. 


How to protect sofa when moving?

Here are the steps through which you can protect the sofa during a move. 

  1. Cover with a moving blanket
  2. Tape to hold temporarily
  3. Wrapping 
  4. Try “The Fold Over”
  5. Cover the top
  6. Wrap one time more

Do you need to wrap a couch for moving?

To protect your couch from damage, wrap it with moving blankets or stretch wrap, depending on the fabric. Start by removing any blankets and throw pillows, and pack them separately in a bag or small box.

Why do people plastic wrap their couches?

People often plastic wrap their couches to provide an additional layer of protection against dirt, dust, stains, and moisture. This helps preserve the fabric and prolong the life of the couch, especially during moves or storage.

Why do movers wrap furniture in plastic?

Plastic stretch wrap is a flexible film used mainly to wrap and bundle household items when packing. It’s essential for packing and moving because it makes loads easier to handle, keeps them compact, and protects against dust, dirt, and scratches.


The above article contains complete information about How To Protect Sofa When Moving. Wrapping and protection are important while moving because if you do not wrap it may worsen your sofa. That would be bad for you. I think this guide is enough for you and you will get the answer to the query about which you are searching.  We have the best sofas for your home if you want to change your furniture. Visit our website to buy furniture. 

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